The Widow’s Daughters

Kathleen Bryson, Kimmo Moykky 11:00 UK

A transliteration of a traditional Finnish folk song about the dangers of excess in either debauchery or purity. In this dreamy and unnerving filmpoem set to Moykky’s original composition and sourced from public domain clips and Bryson’s own debaucherous/saintly paintings, one daughter goes out dancing merrily every night; her sister prays every moment for her sibling’s redemption.

Alaskan director Kathleen Bryson attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2009 for Directing and Screenwriting, based on the feature THE VIVA VOCE VIRUS (co-directed with Kimmo Möykky), for which she also wrote the screenplay, and based also on a feature screenplay she wrote entitled SPACESHIPS OVER CORVALLIS. The Oregonian described THE VIVA VOCE VIRUS as “a campy new classic… The crowning jewel of the Siren Nation Film Festival… Critically engaging satire.” Her second feature film BAKED ALASKA (UK, 2019), also co-directed with Kimmo Moykky, received Honorable Mention and the LA Underground Film Festival and the Experimental Forum and screened to high acclaim at the Magikal Charm Experimental Film Festival in New York City and MuseeLab in 2020. She’s recent created, directed and performed in two no-budget Creative Commons feature films: DOCTOR BITCOIN MAKES THE MAGIC (UK, 2022) and THE WONDERFUL THING (UK, 2023).

Kimmo Möykky is a London-based Finnish filmmaker and editor. He moved to the UK after studying Theatre in Literature at the University of Helsinki. He continued his studies with a BA in Film and Video at the London College of Printing, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. He works as a specialist film and video technician and digital media teacher at Central Saint Martin’s College. His first feature film THE VIVA VOCE VIRUS (2008) was co-directed and co-produced with Kathleen Bryson. His short film THE SONS OF RA was completed in early 2019. THE SONS OF RA is a partly animated live-action conspiracy horror, and has been created in collaboration with animator/artist Kevin Rowe. Kimmo’s latest ongoing work includes series of experimental movement based short films, some shown on Instagram under the tag “garbld”.