The Call of Water

Kaya Tone 19:00 US

Set in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the story follows Nadia the night before her childhood home is sold. High on mushrooms, she and her friends inadvertently open a portal, plunging them into the astral-plane. There, she must face The Horned One, an ancient keeper of the land and of the water. To return to her body, Nadia must come to terms with her responsibility to her homeland and the water that it protects.

Kaya Tone was born and raised in the mountains outside of Boulder, CO. She moved to NYC in 2016 to attend NYU Tisch School of the Arts for her BFA in Film & TV with a minor in Religious Studies. During her time there, Tone worked on over thirty short films! Tone wrote and directed her first short film “Creature of the Night” in 2018 which received a Gold Award at the International Independent Film Awards (2019). In the spring of 2019, Tone directed the music video “White Knuckles” for Maris which received 10k views. She started her own production company in 2020, Tone Productions, with her sister and long time collaborator, Siena Tone. Together, the Tone sisters are excited to present their films, and hope to use them to educate and inspire people around the world.