Down From The Clouds

Cansu Boguslu 19:00 US

Su is waiting for her dad to come home with her favourite icecream. He arrives home visibly drunk and he still wants to keep his promise to his daugther. The two head our for a night drive in the magical land of Cappadocia.

Cansu Boğuşlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Lodz Film School Cinematography Department with a Master’s Degree in 2016. Master thesis topic was “Film as a meditation and the universal language of Ida”. Her short films achieved success in various festivals around the world. She had screenings and seminars in Europe and Turkey. “Wildflower” is Miami’s best student film and she was deemed worthy of the Audience Award in Turkey. She received the training “Acting in English” at the Cours Florent in Paris. Her cinematographer debut “Together We Shall Die”, had a premiere at Golden Orange Film Festival in Antalya. Her last short film “Down From The Clouds” won Best Actor Award at French Riviera Film Festival and Audience Award at Children Care Film Festival. She has also won the best director award at the Femme Filmmakers Film Festival.