Night Train

Sofia Gutman 3:24 France

A young woman is returning from work on the night train. She is taking the big TER train to the outskirts of the city. Lonely, she looks out into the deserted landscape. A chance encounter will make this night memorable.

Sofia Gutman is a filmmaker from Jerusalem, working in Paris. Sofia has graduated from Bezalel academy of arts and design In Jerusalem. Night train, produced by Sur la table productions was selected to FESTIVAL NATIONAL DU FILM D’ANIMATION in Rennes, and other festivals. Sofia’s new film LOST VILLAGES has been selected for the residency of La Maison des auteurs, La cité de BD Angouleme and participated in Valence script writers’ festival. Sofia have received the Plume de Cristal prize in the Valence festival of script writers and participated in Clermont Ferrand pitch session.