Alexandra Mignien 13:45 France

In the Dark Ages, all the villagers are gathered near the cliff to witness the execution of six women accused of being witches. Between misogyny and false religious arguments, the victims might not let themselves be executed.

After studying editing and post-production and a degree in directing, Alexandra Mignien started working in video editing in 2009 and quickly specialized in fiction editing. In January 2019, Alexandra directed her first short film which is entitled “I am naked”. The film deals with a topical subject that is rarely talked about: revenge porn. With few dialogues and a shocking direction, the film has won several awards in festivals, including the “Elles font Youtube” award, granted by Youtube to female creators. Since then, Alexandra has directed 6 new films: Et Cetera, Ce qui ne nous tue pas, Babaou, Angle mort, Visceral and Sabbat. All these films have the particularity to put forward the place of women in our society and to approach taboo subjects such as pedophilia, mysogyny and incest, with the will to get closer and closer to her favorite genre: the horror cinema.