Glass Fingers

Alina Gheorghe 6:58 Romania

Inside a Rococo-inspired great hall, a woman sits in a bathtub where she shapes octopuses out of her own flesh. After she runs out of material, thin and weak, she tries to force herself to eat. Unable to do so, she leaves the hall and walks downstairs, into the ballroom, where she comes face to face with the octopuses, her creations, translucent and clinging to the walls. She has no choice but to look at them and asses their value. The octopuses show their colour, and she can now finally see them as they are. They have to be destroyed, and then consumed, to be reshaped again.

Alina Gheorghe is a young artist from Romania, influenced by the baroque arts infused with art nouveau elements that can be seen in her body of work which spans five short films, two of which were made as early as high school, two while studying animation at UNATC, and one animated music video. Her focus is on trying to represent, in various forms, her own process of creation.