Amal Mokded 4:21, France

The escape, the journey, the right to a new life for a woman who has experienced violence requires courage and sisterhood, a path of self-image research, of introspection of dizziness of splitting that ends in a liberation at both individual and universal.

Hope Mokded is a painter, videographer, engraver and feminist performer born in southern Tunisia. She studied engraving at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis and continued her research at the University of Strasbourg where she focused her thoughts on the issue of invisible violence, which could be defined as accepted societal violence and how as an artist and a woman, create a trace of this violence in order to make this intelligible. She lives and works in Paris, where she has done personal and group exhibitions in recent years. She recently worked with the European Commission in the Resonnances 3 festival as an expert artist. Member of the Terra Rossa Lab collective and the Tunisian Feminist collective Chaml