The Many Faces of Ava

 Izabela Barszcz 9:57, UK

Ava is a woman who changes her face according to whatever scenario she finds herself in. When a day at work doesn’t yield the results she expects, Ava’s many faces mesh together in a psychedelic cataclysm that threatens to derail her day-to-day life.

Izabela Barszcz is a London-based animation director, working on a variety of projects ranging from short films, video projections, music videos, commercial and educational content. She recently graduated from the National Film and Television School, with the film The Many Faces of Ava. Izabela’s work explores the relationship between aesthetics and compelling storytelling. She is passionate about merging original sound design and music in bringing unique and emotionally engaging stories, and interested in subjects that move the heart and make us rethink the status – quo.