The Feminist at the Keyhole

Cladinè Curreli, Eleonora Gatto 5:47, Italy

The Feminist at the Keyhole is a “word documentary”. Its goal is to reach the viewers and listeners with some feminists considerations (with a transfemminist and intersectional view), confidentially and directly through frank testimonies, gathered in a spirit of self-representation – of people that live the feminist thought and express it spontaneously, and through their subsequent enhancement through a filmic and sound experimental construction aimed at eliminating the media barrier through its own exasperation.

Cladinè Curreli is a filmmaker, audio video technician and multimedia artist from Sardinia. She has been working for over 10 years as an audiovisual and multimedia freelance, ranging from video-art to documentaries, from video-clips animation through photography, graphics, murals, illustration, field recording and audio mix. Occasionally she is involved in organizing and teaching workshops and lessons focusing on art, creativity and audiovisual techniques. In The Feminist at the Keyhole she triggered the filmic and sound aesthetics idea of the documentary by dealing technically with the direction of the shooting, the editing, the mix of the short version and by coordinating the construction and communication of the film project.

Eleonora Gatto: Originally a humanitarian aid worker who has worked for various NGOs in the MENA region, Eleonora Gatto is also a multidisciplinary artist dedicated to photography and textile art. Currently based in Beirut, Lebanon, she developed a good knowledge of the Arab world thanks to her experiences in the region. In “The Feminist at the keyhole” she oversaw the technical realization of the shooting, took care of the translations, participated to the semantic editing on paper and contributed to the construction and communication of the project.