Sky Sun, Tile Sun

Ziba Arzhang 6:14, Iran

Due to the intensity of the explosion and bombardment of the sun, the tiled wall breaks and it gets dark everywhere. People help each other to build a new sun for the sky.

Ziba Arzhang is a member of ASIFA Iran (Association of Animation Filmmakers). She has studied filmmaking at the Iranian Youth Cinema Association. She is an independent filmmaker, especially interested in making animated documentaries. Arzhang has participated in more than seventy international festivals and won eleven awards for Best Animation, Best Animation Director, and Best Animated Screenplay. As a writer, director and animator, she has made four independent short animations: Sun Sky, Tile Sun; Peace Carpet; My Sardash; and Role. As a key animator, she has worked with Iran TV for seven years and has been the animator and main designer of four 25-part animated series for children. She has illustrated more than sixty books for children