Aline Fernandes, Nathalia Freitas, Talita Araujo, Terená Kanouté 7:39, Brazil

Through poetry, dance and music, a group of Brazilian black women connects with their ancestry and seeks to heal the history that brought them here.

Aline Fernandes has been working since 2012 in the elaboration and management of projects, mainly in the areas of dance, music, audiovisual and traditional culture. Her focus is on the areas of brazilian artistic production, traditional peoples and themes related to black ancestry in Brazil. In 2021, directed her first short film, “Kenura”, about his father’s life trajectory, contemplated by the public fund “Promotion of Black Cultures” from the city hall of São Paulo, Brazil. Nathalia Freitas, born in Belém do Pará, Brasil, began her artistic career dancing capoeira in 2007, in Minas Gerais. Continuing her artistic pilgrimage, she studied Afro dance at FUNCEB with Augusto Omolú and Rosangela Silvestre. She was part of the Afro Ballet of African Dance Trupe Benkady and works with cultural events such as Samba de roda from the island of Itaparica, Tambor de Creola and Capoeira Angola. Talita Lima de Araujo, from a family of immigrants from the Northeast (Pernambuco and Bahia) was close to dances and manifestations of popular culture since her childhood, but it was above all in adolescence that the interest in instrumentalization in Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian dances continued to awaken her body and mind for the beauty, technique and history of these dances. Currently integrates the dance groups Água de Menino and Guerreiros da Senzala. Terená Kanouté, the daughter of an anthropologist and a Senegalese, grew up amid the drumming of African drums and the Xavante villages in Mato Grosso. She continued her trajectory close to Brazilian popular dances and from her adolescence became professional in black dance, where she works until today as a member of Cia Treme Terra.