Asmaa Gamal 8:55, Egypt

The story of an Egyptian grandmother that lives far from her hometown, Upper Egypt. Masryia tries to find happiness in these memories while living with her family in her small home in the city.

Asmaa Gamal is an independent photographer and director. Asmaa studied media and has a masters degree in Drama and Television. She has directed many independent short films and Video Art such as Astrox, The Letter You Sent and Masrya, which have been shown in local and international festivals such as Afrika Film festival in Belgium and Macau International Short Film Festival. Her short films won four awards such as the Mentor Arab Film Festival in Jordan, a Platinum Award from the Independent Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, and two Jury Awards from Festivals Cairo short films and the Masr Dot Bokra Festival. Asmaa was also a part of the jury team at  Real youth festival in Canada for two years.