I thought it was a Man but it’s only Satan

Vitória Real 3:26, Brazil

First music video of the band Demonia. The song talks about the daily sexual harassment that all women go through when walking down the street. It concludes irreverently by stating that, for a woman who walks alone in a dark alley, it is safer to find Satan than a man because the first one is less threatening than the second.

Vitória Real holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and a specialist in Cinema, both from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. She was a Researcher-Documentarist in the project Narratives, Memories and Itineraries, of the Visual Anthropology Nucleus of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and completed her course in Digital Cinema, at the International Cinema Academy, in São Paulo. She has been in the cinematographic market since 2013, the year in which she made her first short film. In 2016, she performed the 1st season of the SEPTO web series, as one of the directors and assembler; in season 2 and 3, she joined the script team, still remaining as one of the directors. In 2020, she wrote and directed the first music video for the band Demonia, entitled “I thought I was a man but it was just Satan”. Vitória Real writes, directs and also works in the photography department.