Fortune Teller

Mey Montero, Mariela Olivieri, Pablo Romero 3:32, Spain

Ani Queen is a talented boxer who dreams about being successful in the boxing world, but she has no luck and doesn’t get enough acknowledgment by herself. For months she has been studied and controlled by a mafia that recruits and exploits female boxers, by making them compete against each other in clandestine fights in which the public is mainly made up of men with the aim of satisfying them. Little by little Ani Queen and the other boxers, after realizing the deception and trap in which they have been involved, join forces and together start meeting at night to conspire their revenge through black magic.

Mey Montero is a cinematography student at the TAI school. She has worked as an editorial photographer, combining it with plastic arts such as painting and design. She has directed three music videos, including one for Warner Spain, as well as short films and commercials. In 2019 she gave a TED talk at the Phillips theatre and she’s a member of the production company The strike of the Sardines and she is co-founder of the project Aquí no Pintas.