Flying Women

Gabriela Jung 5:57, Brazil

Video dance that addresses the construction of the image of women – already presented as a bad and weak element of society in the representation of Eva and instituted as a bad witch during the Middle Ages. It presents elements that permeate the popular perception of the witch and translates them to the current socio-political scenario in Brazil, seeking to blur the boundaries between the imaginary and the everyday, creating a fabled body based on symbolisms that continue to affect the direction of history.

Gabriela Jung is a contemporary dancer and video-dance artist with works participating in national and international festivals: ‘Adentro’, ‘Flying women’, ‘Eve’s Club’, ‘Open Field – Repetition’, ‘Open Field – pandemic compositions’, ‘Open Field – Perspective’ and others. Creator-improviser on Campo Aberto project, producer of Integrated Arts festival MONSTRA.